• SimpeS Q.C. in action

    by  • 10/06/2014

    This video shows a quick demo of the new Q.C. feature in action. This feature is currently under test, and will be released on next major release of SimpeS.

    Introducing the new SimpeS Q.C. feature

    by  • 27/05/2014

    The next major release of SimpeS (probably the 1.7) will introduce the┬ánew quality control feature. This feature, commonly used in production and testing environment, allows to control and verify the quality of a given device, assuring that the measured values being inside a predefined tolerances.     The QC panel on the left, is...

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    SimpeS 1.5 version is released!

    by  • 06/05/2014

    The new major release of SimpeS is now available for download. Among the new main features: Improved graphics interface. Added drag & drop support. Added new input level meter bars. Added Sinusoidal Sweep measurement method. Implemented a more efficent and intuitive interface for Thiele-Small parameters. measurement Added User manual.

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    SimpeS release 1.1 soon available

    by  • 17/01/2014

    A new version of SimpeS will be released soon. Among new features and minor bug fixes the most significant is the introduction of the sinusoidal sweep measurement method. Here a quick demo video.

    SimpeS 1.0.2013.321 service realse is available

    by  • 21/03/2013

    The service release 1.0.2013.321 of SimpeS is available for download Main fixes and improvements: Fixed crash when measuring at 96KHz. Added “Display during measurement” feature on the Stepped Sine measurement method. User interface functionalities improvements and fixes.   more details…

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