AsA Audio signal Analyzer

AsA is a complete and fully integrated set of instruments aimed, to perform electric and acoustic measurements. To operate AsA you needs just a common full-duplex sound card.

Main features

AsA consists of a set of instruments and support different measurement methods

  • dual channel oscilloscope (Y-T, X-Y)
  • dual channel FFT analyzer (narrowband, RTA)
  • multimeter (frequency, voltage, sound pressure, distortion, phase, RLC meter)
  • dual channel signal generator (wave, noise, sine sweep)
  • sine sweep measurements (impedance and loudspeakers Thiele Small parameters, frequency response)
  • impulse response measurement
Basic operating principles

The main idea behind the deisgn of AsA, was gave the user the maximum level of operating flexibility. Every instrument can be instantiated more than one time, so you can operate simultaneously more than one instrument of the same type.

Each instrument has it’s own set of properties and it’s audio device configuration properties, and can be configured individually. This means you can, for example, measure a voltage using multimeter-1 and sound-card-1, and another voltage, from a different source, using multimeter-2 and sound-card-2.

AsA can operate in standalone mode or in sequence mode. The sequence mode has been designed to meet complex measurements needs. In any situation that require more than one measurement on the same d.u.t. or when user actions are required during the measurement, the sequence-mode become extremly usefull.
The measurement is achieved throught a series of single measurements or actions (steps) defined in the sequence; any of the instruments present in the measurement set can be operated by the sequence

At the end of every sequence, an overall resoult is returned, this is the resoult of a comparison bethween the actual measurement and the limits set up on every instrument. The sequence can be controlled through a TCP/IP server, the informations returned are in JSON data format, making it easy to be parsed by other softwares or programming languages.

System requirements

  • Windows 7/8/10
  • MME full-duplex sound card (currently ASIO driver support is not available)

Warning: Currently AsA is in beta state, so some features may not work properly or not work at all, furthermore the AIS file format structure could will be changed in future versions.