AsA is a collection of programs for the analysis of audio signals. AsA consist of three programs, that emulates some classical laboratory instruments using a simple full-duplex soundcard.

    FFT Analyzer

  • dual channel.
  • time window functions.
  • A B and C frequency weighting.
  • magnitude and phase display
  • exponential and linear averaging.
  • narrowband and RTA analyzer.
  • frequency response compensation.



  • dual channel.
  • trigger
  • XY display


    Signal Generator

  • sinusoidal wave.
  • squere wave.
  • triangular wave.
  • phase variation between channels.



  • Voltages (Vrms, dBV, dBu)
  • Sound Pressure (dBSPL, dB[A], dB[C])
  • Frequency (Hz, Rpm)
  • Distorsion (THD %,THD dB)
  • Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance (impedance JIG is required).
  • Data Logging.


Screenshot gallery

Currently AsA is in a very alfa state, so some features may not work properly or not work at all. In the download section you will find a zip file that contain all the AsA standalone executables. Future versions well be realeased as single executable and with an installer.